Social Media Strategies That Win and Flop for Podcasters

Ready for a leap in your podcast promotion? I promise you'll unlock the secrets of maximizing your social media reach by the end of this episode. I, Samantha Hollyfield, invite you to explore the world beyond static audiograms and into dynamic reels, and learn the art of leveraging media that social media algorithms truly reward. With over a decade of experience in marketing and podcasting, I’m here to guide you with tips and tools to give your podcast the promotion it deserves.

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Podcasts Fail When You Wait for Inspiration

Waiting for inspiration to strike can be alluring to creators seeking to produce captivating podcast content. However, this seemingly idyllic approach often leads to the untimely demise of many promising podcasts. Waiting for inspiration to create episodes can result in pitfalls, from inconsistent release schedules that alienate listeners to a lack of direction that leaves audiences disoriented as the industry thrives on consistency, growth, and timely relevance. Uncover the pressing need for creators to embrace a more proactive approach to content creation and reclaim the elusive keys to podcasting success.

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You Don’t Own Your Podcast Followers

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for social good entrepreneurs and thought leaders to connect with their audience. With their engaging content and loyal followers, podcasts have become an invaluable platform to share knowledge, inspire action, and drive positive change. However, while podcast subscribers are crucial, one asset holds even greater potential for cultivating a strong and engaged community: an email list. Why? Because you do not own your podcast subscribers! If your primary podcast platform with the most subscribers shuts down, what will you do?

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What You Think Matters For Your Podcast Launch Doesn’t

Embarking on the thrilling adventure of podcasting is like setting sail on an uncharted sea, where the waves of learning and growth gently carry you toward the shores of success. It's a journey where imperfections transform into stepping stones, and the magic happens when you embrace the fact that no podcast launches flawlessly. In this world of audio storytelling, every host starts with room for improvement, finding solace in the knowledge that podcasters, like fine wine, get better with time.

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What To Do About Your Podcast Haters

Picture this: You, the podcasting superstar, armed with a shield of resilience and a megaphone of positivity, waltzing through the vast landscape of social media. As you journey through the digital realm, you spot them—the trolls, lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce with their snarky comments and negativity. But fear not, for you possess the ultimate superpower: the ability to scroll past their antics, to block and banish their presence, and instead, to channel your energy towards your true tribe—the amazing listeners who are eagerly waiting to discover your podcast treasure.

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Why Transformative Podcasts Don’t Make It Past A Year

In the dynamic world of podcasting, where countless voices vie for attention, it is no secret that only a select few manage to sustain their transformative impact beyond the first year. While podcasts have become a powerful medium for disseminating knowledge, inspiring change, and fostering meaningful conversations, the inherent challenges of this ever-evolving landscape often prove to be formidable obstacles for transformative podcasts. From the struggle to capture and retain audience interest to the demanding production requirements, numerous factors contribute to the lamentable reality that many thought-provoking and game-changing podcasts often fade away within their first year. This phenomenon begs the question: why do transformative podcasts struggle to thrive in the long run?

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