Great Podcast Episodes Shift Perspectives

Educational content has become NOISE with tools like ChatGPT. Instead of creating another list of five ways to do something, frame your content with a perspective shift! The truth is that people probably aren't going to implement your suggestions, but they will remember a big perspective-shifting moment that is what will keep them coming back.

Why We Use Podium AI For Podcast Show Notes

Show notes should not be an afterthought! They are an important part of their content strategy. That’s why we’ve taken the time to test many of the new AI podcast show note-generating tools, and Podium has come out on top. Now, Podium won’t solve all your problems. You still need to take what Podium generates and get it in the right format and in the right places. That is what this post will show you how to do. You get a sneak peek into HC’s proven process for podcast show notes, plus Podium’s powerful capabilities.

The Podcast Mics You See On All The Big Shows

Good audio is critical for a podcast because it can significantly impact the overall quality of the listening experience. Podcasts are audio-based, so the sound quality can dramatically affect how well listeners receive the content. Poor audio quality can make it difficult for listeners to understand what is being said, or it can distract from the podcast's content. On the other hand, good audio quality can enhance the listening experience and make the content more engaging and enjoyable.

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Three Signs You Can Monetize Your Podcast (Eventually)

It's difficult to give an exact number, as many factors can impact a podcaster's ability to monetize their show, such as audience size, engagement, niche, and marketing strategy. However, it's worth noting that while many podcasts are available, only a small percentage of them generate significant revenue.

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What Is YouTube Doing with Podcasts In 2023 | April Update

YouTube is refining and broadening its podcast tools in 2023! So, if you have your podcast as a playlist on your channel, mark it as a podcast! Setting your playlist as a podcast will help the show be indexed correctly by YouTube and Google to help you show up in search results.

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Why Tone Keeps Podcast Listeners

I’m sure you’ve heard the Maya Angelou quote, “… people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Or have you gotten into an argument with someone and said, “It’s not what you said; it’s HOW you said it.” We communicate with more than words – our body language, vocal inflection, how we set up conversations, and then the words we use all play a role in how we are received. That’s why you can’t ignore tone when creating content, whether it’s written, audio, or video.

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