As I consider the quality, efficiency, integrity, and creativity of Holyfield Consulting they must be placed in a class of business by itself. They are second to none when it comes to taking on a client project and then delivering it back to them promising a lot but delivering even more. My wife and I recently had Samantha at Holyfield Consulting design the book cover for my latest book as well as our children’s book cover for their latest book and all we can say is that we are beyond pleased by the service. The turnaround time was quick but no corners were cut as they digitally delivered us the most beautiful book covers with great quality and theme accuracy. I look forward to having Holyfield Consulting continue designing professional book covers for my future books. Thank you Holyfield Consulting for working hard with conviction and serving your clients with a spirit of excellence!

Dr. Caleb Cooper

“As I consider the consistency, honesty, integrity and efficiency of Hollyfield Consulting it would be an understatement to say “it was a great experience to work with them.” Hollyfield Consulting is one of the best companies in the nation that pays close attention to detail as they strive to serve the entirety of the vision of their clients. They uphold the highest standard of quality as well as endless visionary ideas that make your own ideas come to life. Whether you are looking for assistance in podcast editing or launching, digital ads, or professional website building, look no further, Hollyfield Consulting is second to none! My personal experience with Hollyfield Consulting was moving from a simple Shopify website that carried ministry products to a beautiful fully loaded professional website that actually housed and expressed all that we do as a family in ministry. In the initial conversation with Samantha of Hollyfield Consulting I could not put into words exactly what I was looking for. She Immediately put language to the vision and said, “You are looking for a digital home.” The idea of a digital home that could reveal the call of God on my life, display my podcast and sermon library, blog my national articles, reveal my upcoming events, showcase all my books, digitize my classic audio sermons and host a full online store for my products BLEW MY MIND! Hollyfield Consulting went above and beyond and not only built Caleb Cooper Ministries a digital home but a digital mansion. This is one company I can honestly say that they promised a lot and delivered even more. I highly recommend Hollyfield Consulting!”

Caleb Cooper Ministries

I just have to say, Samantha has demonstrated extraordinary initiative and a true caring for my company and it’s brand.  I was late on getting creative into the Tulsa People magazine for the A-List edition, so I sacrificed quality to meet the deadline, utilizing the Tulsa People art department. Samantha, found out about what was sent, whipped up 2 exceptional pieces, contacted the art/publication director at Tulsa People and got her fine piece submitted so it will be included in the publication – after the deadline.  This is the kind of exceptionalism that wins long-term loyalty of customers in this highly competitive marketing arena.  I am truly grateful.  I only write one or two of these kinds of missives a year for those people who deserve noteworthy praise. Samantha gets a 10 rating (on a 0 to 5 scale)!
Greg Ford | Former CEO of MaidPro Heartland
I have the privilege of working with Samantha on consulting projects for over a year at Charisma Media. Samantha has extensive knowledge in all areas of marketing. This includes marketing research, copy writing, web design and developing marketing strategies for clients. Her work is exemplary and is proven in campaign results. Samantha is pro-active, responsible and personable. She places all her energy on a client’s campaign to ensure the job is completed with excellence.
Ann Marie Kelly |Senior Advertising Consultant at Charisma Media
Samantha is an extraordinary colleague. While we grew up together, I didn’t know her professionally until three years ago and she’s now my go-to person for logo, graphic design, and branding projects. We share similar values in really understanding what the client needs, wants, and doesn’t know they need or want. We also have a shared commitment that any art we create together is accurate, inclusive, and professional but not overly polished. That’s important to me, especially in photography, because so much material out there creates or perpetuates homogenized, false standards of what we all know is real life. She’s my partner in capturing the natural beauty and essence of an idea or a client and sharing that in a clean, nuanced way that visually communicates with audiences. I highly recommend Samantha for your next branding or graphic design project.
Victoria Montemayor |CEO of VICTORIALUCIA.COM
Samantha is a HUGE asset to our company. We depend on her for so much of what we do with our clients. Not only is she quick but she is also effective. She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. We are thankful at Charisma to have her working with us! If you need something done with excellence just ask Samantha!
Nick Beecher | Brands That Last

Samantha answered all of our marketing questions and concerns wonderfully during our 4-hour marketing workshop. She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about. She was able to give us pros and cons on different strategies, as well as educating us on what was the best marketing plans to better suit our area. Whether you are a small business that’s just starting out or a business that’s been around for 20 years, Hollyfield Consulting is the upgrade you need to succeed.

Seanacie Reyna | Seanacie Creative

Samantha has managed social media, email marketing, print design, direct mail design and other marketing processes for MaidPro Tulsa and MaidPro KC. She has helped both locations connect with the local community and helped us build strong brand awareness for both markets.
Diana Media |Former Operations Manager at MaidPro Heartland
“I was in need of a complete website revamp. Samantha and Nathan have been rebuilding my site adding every component that I was missing as well as streamlining all of the different plug-ins and things I was using to make life easier for me and a better experience for those who visit my site.”
“Everything for me was very scattered. Making it difficult for me to check on things or to see what I needed. I also liked the experience to know what kind of things needed to be on my website. After speaking with Samantha it was made very clear all that I was missing and what they could help me do.”
“Samantha is very personable. She asked a lot of questions and wanted to truly get to know what was in my mind and heart as far as what the message is I need to send through the website and what I want to accomplish. She’s easy to work with and to understand and communication has been very simple. She’s done all the hard work while I simply answer her questions.”
“You are very caring, patient and personable. You were able to easily capture our vision and present it with excellence.”
“We significantly increased our presence on-line and we expressed our fun, quirkiness, and other cultural aspects of our business. We actually did marketing.”
“I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.”
“Personal contact and the careful, thoughtful transmission of our company, it’s culture, and brand. Others just slapped together things they grabbed from their experience and our existing marketing collateral.”
“You are very caring, patient and personable. You were able to easily capture our vision and present it with excellence.”
“My work capacity has been enlarged, and I am able to connect my own business with other leaders around the globe.”
“Samantha is very personable. She asked a lot of questions and wanted to truly get to know what was in my mind and heart as far as what the message is I need and what I want to accomplish. She’s easy to work with and to understand and communication has been very simple. She’s done all the hard work while I simply answer her questions.”
“I gained personal confidence as a result of working with Samantha as she educated me and gave me the resources I needed to feel knowledgeable.”

“Samantha and Nathan created an introduction audio for not one ,but for three of our cheerleading squads! Samantha was very personable and asked many questions until she understood exactly what we needed ! She and Nathan went above and beyond , from making sure every girl’s name was pronounced correctly, to providing us with excellent quality of the final product! We cannot recommend them enough! Thank you Hollyfield Consulting for your impeccable work!” – Bixby 5th grade cheer coaches