Samantha Hollyfield, MBA

Samantha grew up in deep south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Before attending college and becoming a marketing consultant, she was a professional ballerina. Samantha retired her point shoes and attended Oral Roberts University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a Master of Business Administration.

Samantha has helped businesses in home health care, out-of-home media, print advertising, commercial and residential cleaning, commercial and residential roofing, executive coaching, online education, international ministry, self-publishing, solar solutions, and more bring their marketing goals to fruition.

Her experience in target audience development, market research, copywriting, social media management, web development, graphic design, digital adverting, email marketing, along with B2B and B2C marketing strategies, give her the bird’s eye perspective needed to craft the right messaging for the right audience across marketing channels.

Samantha is a proud Latino business owner here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her abuelos heart for teaching extends into her marketing work as she equips thought leaders, authors, and social-good entrepreneurs to strategically launch a podcast from a place of competence and confidence.

Marketing Specialties:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Advertising Conversion Funnels (gotta get that MROI!)
  • Copywriting for Conversion
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Website Conversion Strategy and Development
  • Podcast Strategy for Authority Building 


  • Digital ad development, copywriting, and ad creation for a media group serving 100+ clients 
  • Hundreds of lead-generation landing pages for digital advertisements 
  • Podcast launch strategy for 500+ podcasters
  • Web development for online store with physical and digital products300+ products, including courses and subscriptions.
  • Web development for a college with 50+ online classes and multiple affiliate schools
  • Marketing strategy development across channels for regional franchise owners of international commercial and residential cleaning brand 
  • Marketing strategy development across channels for commercial and residential roofing companies in multiple states
  • Authority-building marketing strategy and digital ad development for best-selling authors and thought leaders

The Right Team Creates (The Right) Results

The team focuses on marketing work that builds a brand voice and connects with a target audience through marketing strategies tested by time and dollars. Samantha and Nathan have launched over 200 podcasts in the last two years. The team has walked alongside hosts and guided them through new marketing territory, from marketing strategy to tech and ongoing support.

Nathan Hollyfield

Nathan grew up in the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches. He is proud to come from a long line of military service members, his father served in Vietnam, his grandfather served in World War II and his brother served in the Coast Guard and is currently serving in the Air Force.

After his own short time in the military, Nathan dove deep into audio and video editing. With over fifteen thousand hours of editing, Nathan has served ministry leaders, social-good entrepreneurs, authors, news podcasts, non-profits, and great storytellers.

He has over seven years of experience as a senior podcast editor and producer. Having worked with a major network, Nathan edited breaking news, narrative podcasts, audio magazines, narrative podcast ads, and more. He also has experience in studio setup, virtual interview setup, and travel podcast interview setup. Additionally, he has worked with over 200 shows to get the right tech for audio and video podcasts and launch their show across podcast platforms. Nathan also has experience producing marketing materials from podcast episodes to promote shows across social media.

With seven years of experience, Nathan has created production templates, narrative podcasting templates, and ad templates to assist with a show’s success. He has edited and produced shows with over 7 million downloads. In addition, Nathan has helped shows like Greenelines, adapt to new industry production and editing standards.

He has also done social media management for online retailers and professional service providers across industries. 

Nathan helps clients develop high-quality recordings and offers high-level editing to ensure their message is clear.


  • Narrative Podcast Editing – Audio
  • Podcast Editing for Audio and Video
  • Radio Ad Creation
  • Podcast Ad Creation
  • YouTube In Video Ad Creation
  • Creating Cross-Channel Media Assets for Podcasting
  • YouTube Channel Management and Building
  • Social Media Management and Building


  • Audio Editing for 8+ Million Download Show for 6+ Years
  • YouTube channel building from hundred of dollars to five+ digit months
  • Narrative Audio Editing for Established Podcast Network
  • Breaking News Podcast Editing
  • Setting Audio Guidelines and Studio Setup for Established Podcast Network
  • Radio Ads for National Campaigns for Multi-State Franchisee Owner
  • Video Podcast Editing for Major Cross-Channel Shows
  • Home-Studio Setup Guide for 200+ Hosts