Reach and Convert Your Ideal Listener, Buyer, Follower, or Student

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Stop wasting ad dollars. The right Facebook and Instagram ads allow podcasters, authors, small business owners, and thought leaders to reach their target audience.

Launch ads that you know will be successful before they even run! No more wondering if your advertising dollars are moving the needle. Know that your ads will increase traffic, convert, generate leads, and reach the right audience right out of the gate.

Stop throwing ad dollars at things that don’t work. Get a goal-focused marketing strategy and digital ad execution that makes sense! Plus…

  • Conversion-centric ad built around your brand’s goals.

  • A clear path to generate MROI before the ad even runs.

  • Easy to understand metric benchmarks to help improve ads over time.

  • Ad creative that speaks to your audience’s needs and is tailored for conversion.

  • Recommendations on the brand’s sales funnel to improve overall ad performance and MROI.

  • Monthly strategy calls to review metrics and ad adjustments to improve performance and MROI.

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Hi! I’m Samantha Hollyfield. I am an MBA, marketing strategist, and digital marketer. I have consulted with and run digital ads for small businesses, franchises, media groups, a podcast network, and many solo-prenuers. From strategy to creativity and ad execution, I create digital ad paths to success that are so clear you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t see it sooner! You just needed the right person to come in and make results happen – that’s where I come in.

And here is the real deal, y’all…

Hollyfield Consulting ensures clients are in complete control of ad setup and spending. While I set up and run all the details, there are no smoke and mirrors like the shady tactics big agencies use that leave clients in the dark. Everything is clear before a dollar is spent, and clients can review metrics anytime. Say adios to agency non-sense and work with someone on YOUR side. After all, I’m an entrepreneur, and I know the pressure of needing results.

Hollyfield Consulting only works with a few select brands each year.

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Advertise Like The Big Dogs In 2024

Reach your target audience while browsing, searching, and even looking at similar content. Better yet, retarget the people who engage with your posts or visit your website to encourage them to listen, buy, or take the next step in your sales funnel. The KEY to success is using the right ads, with the right copy, and the right imagery to get people to convert! 

Her work is exemplary and is proven in campaign results.

Ann Marie Kelly, Senior Sales Consultant

Samantha has demonstrated extraordinary initiative and a true caring for my company and it’s brand.

Greg Ford, Former CEO of MaidPro Heartland

She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about!

Seanacie Reyna, Social Media Manager


Get a clear picture of the strategy, copy, imagery, ad type, and landing page you need to achieve the right conversion. The right strategy keeps brands from “throwing spaghetti at the wall” and hoping something sticks.

We will:

  • Design optimized ads
  • Write copy geared for conversion
  • Choose imagery that resonates with your ideal client
  • Design a landing page optimized for conversion
  • Choose the ad type you need for success
  • Optimize your ad over time 

Strategy Starts at $1,500

HC Fee is 25% of Ad Spend Once Ads Run