Digital Ads For Podcasters

Take Your Message To Your Tribe

Digital ads allow podcasters to put their message in front of their ideal listener for just $5/day! Get the right support to create ads that showcase the heart of your podcast in a way that clearly speaks to your target audience. Through coaching and ad monitoring we help brands reach ideal conversion rates and grow their tribe.

Run ads that work, see your podcast grow, and get engagement from the right people!

What if…

You could generate ads that you know are geared for success, even before they run?

You worked with someone who really understood your brand and your voice?

You put dollars in safe hands so you can achieve long-term brand success.

Digital ads allow you to reach your target audience while browsing, searching, and even looking at similar content. Better yet, you can retarget the people who engage with your posts or visit your website to encourage them to listen. The KEY to success is using the right ads, with the right copy, and the right imagery to get people to convert! 

Her work is exemplary and is proven in campaign results.

Ann Marie Kelly, Senior Sales Consultant

Samantha has demonstrated extraordinary initiative and a true caring for my company and it’s brand.

Greg Ford, Former CEO of MaidPro Heartland

She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about!

Seanacie Reyna, Social Media Manager


Get a clear picture of the strategy, copy, imagery, ad type, and landing page you need to achieve the right conversion. The right strategy keeps brands from “throwing spaghetti at the wall” and hoping something sticks.

We will:

  • Design optimized ads
  • Write copy geared for conversion
  • Choose imagery that resonates with your ideal client
  • Design a landing page optimized for conversion
  • Choose the ad type you need for success
  • Optimize your ad over time 

Strategy Starts at $1,500

HC Fee is 20% of Ad Spend Once Ads Run