The easy way to grow your podcast.

The Podcast Growth Membership helps podcast hosts grow their tribe, downloads, and influence through easy-to-implement tools and templates that even a solopreneur can execute.

Ready to grow your podcast?

  • Stop wasting time and dollars with “experts” and get time-tested marketing paths to growth.

  • Get templates you can put into action in your next episode to improve your quality of content.

  • Receive the encouragement and insights you need to keep showing up for your audience.

  • Dive into the advice you need to know you’re producing the right content for your audience and not wasting your time.

  • Gain the insights you need to feel confident in your podcast production and paths to growth.

Podcast Growth Membership

The Podcast Growth Membership is a one-stop shop for the strategic insight and easy-to-implement tools you need to grow your podcast. Improve the quality of your show, promote episodes with ease, increase your social presence, and create rinse-and-repeat systems that help you thrive. 

Why we created the membership:

After launching 200 shows and helping many hosts, we’ve heard a lot of questionable advice and seen many tools implemented by hosts that ultimately slowed them down. So, we put together all the tools we offer our consulting clients and give them to hosts in a simple monthly membership. Our library grows every month, so hosts continually get the best advice and tools to increase the quality and creativity of their shows.

I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.

I gained personal confidence as a result of working with Samantha as she educated me and gave me the resources I needed to feel knowledgeable.

She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about!

What You Get:

Tech Guidance For Audio, Video, and Travel Setup

Episode Planning Tools + Templates for Interviews and Solo Episodes

Promotion Tools + Templates for Social Media, Email, and Ads

Monetization Tools, Templates, and Guidance

A Growing Library of Easy-To-Implement Resources + Office Hours

Quick Podcast Insights

Improve Your Tech

Get access to tech tips and tools to improve your credibility and authority.

Members get access to tools like:

  • Our top two podcast mic recommendations

  • Virtual interview podcast setup

  • Audio and video tech recommendations


Solo Episode & Interview Planning Tools + Templates

Get access to templates that allow you to create episodes with ease!

Members get access to tools like:

  • Unique intro templates

  • Guest email templates

  • 52 episode ideas

  • SEO show notes templates


Episode Promotion Tools + Templates

Get access to rinse and repeat templates for promoting your podcast across social media!

Members get access to tools like:

  • Social media promotion templates

  • 113 Canva templates

  • 10-Day Podcast Growth Challenge

  • And more

Episode Monetization Tools + Templates

Get access to rinse-and-repeat templates for promoting your podcast across social media!

Members get access to tools like:

  • Podcast Media Kit

  • How to Write Narrative Podcast Ads

  • The Ins and Outs of Podcast Advertising

  • And more

Office Hours

Join our office hours every month to get strategic answers to questions about marketing, tech, episode creation, strategy, content planning and more!

Gain the support and confidence you need to create with ease. Our carefully curated library gives you quick answers, templates, and strategies to grow your podcast.