Do you have a powerful message to share, but need help bringing it in the world?

That’s where we come in.

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Somethings gotta change if you’re going to create change.

Your great ideas are collecting dust while you stay stuck and overwhelmed by all that’s involved with launching your podcast.

Can you relate to any of this?

You’re an idealistic social entrepreneur. You want to create a business, organization, or movement that makes a powerful difference in the world. And you know that to make that happen, you need to get out there and inspire people with your unique message and vision for change, starting with your podcast BUT, you’re struggling with:

  • All the ideas swirling around in your head for your podcast and how to identify the best ones to focus on for your podcast.

  • The learning curve with all the tech – what microphone, lighting, and recording equipment do you need that suits your location and budget?

  • Creating a show that is inspiring – how do you structure and share your ideas in a way that motivates your audience to your mission?

  • Those voices in your head that make you question yourself: how do you know that if you launch your podcast, it won’t be crickets?

We get it, and we’re here to help!

Hi! We’re Samantha and Nathan

We create powerful podcast platforms for social good entrepreneurs and their world-changing ideas. Simply put, we help design and produce podcast shows that showcase the change you want to see in your listeners and the world. Expert knowledge and experience in online marketing, audio/video production, and messaging are what we use to help our clients STRATEGICALLY build a podcast platform that connects with the hearts and minds of their ideal audiences. Nothing makes us happier when our clients gain the confidence and clarity to achieve their mission and develop stronger relationships with the people they serve using the strength of their great ideas.

Work with us!

As your podcast strategists and implementation team, it’s our job to:

  • Help you develop a fine-tuned, step-by-step show strategy that serves your overall marketing funnel and your mission

  • Set up a home studio that allows you to maximize audio and video quality and your budget

  • Enable your show to cut through all the noise and get people to want to listen in and subscribe to your channel

  • Teach you how to create engaging podcast episodes that convert listeners into clients, donors and/or buyers

  • Help you produce more high-quality episodes in less time, giving you more space to focus on your message and the work you love

  • Infuse you with rock-solid clarity and confidence in your ideas that are destined to change the world

Our mission is to activate yours in the world through our podcast strategy, training, and tech implementation services.

You deserve a partner offering personalized support and marketing-driven solutions.

What people are saying:

“I gained personal confidence as a result of working with Samantha as she educated me and gave me the resources I needed to feel knowledgeable.”

“You are very caring, patient and personable. You were able to easily capture our vision and present it with excellence.”

“Samantha is very personable. She asked a lot of questions and wanted to truly get to know what was in my mind and heart as far as what the message is I need and what I want to accomplish. She’s easy to work with and to understand and communication has been very simple. She’s done all the hard work while I simply answer her questions.”

“My work capacity has been enlarged, and I am able to connect my own business with other leaders around the globe.”

“The Hollyfields are very caring, patient and personable. They were able to easily capture our vision and present it with excellence.”

“Everything for me was very scattered. Making it difficult for me to check on things or to see what I needed. I also liked the experience to know what kind of things I needed. After speaking with Samantha it was made very clear all that I was missing and what they could help me do.”

“Personal contact and the careful, thoughtful transmission of our company, it’s culture, and brand. Others just slapped together things they grabbed from their experience and our existing marketing collateral.”

“I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.”

“We significantly increased our presence on-line and we expressed our fun, quirkiness, and other cultural aspects of our business. We actually did marketing.”

Now imagine our work together is complete…

What will be different in your career and life once you finally have a podcast channel attracting and engaging listeners and converting them to the social-good vision you have for the world?


• Knowing you are having an impact on the social-good causes you care about
• The peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from having a business, organization, and movement is thriving
• The daily joy that you’ll experience when you’re growing creatively and in the flow of sharing your ideas

Are you ready to get your ideas out of your head and manifested into your own successful podcast?


Launch Your Podcast

Understand the role of your podcast within your marketing plan and gain a unique strategy for your overall show and individual episodes so you can launch with success. We will help you create your home studio based on your needs so you can record with high-quality audio that is necessary for credibility. You will also reduce costs associated with false starts and reduce the time to launch. As a result, you will launch with a plan to increase your brand and personal authority within your industry.

  • Marketing strategy for your podcast.
  • Home-studio setup.
  • Podcast launch across all platforms.
  • Marketing strategy for your episodes.
  • Resource library access & templates for ongoing success

Audio + Video Editing

Professional audio and video podcast editing that keeps strategy in mind. All clients receive editing services along with access to coaching office hours and a growing library of podcast resources with tools like 52-Episode Ideas.

  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Transcripts
  • Closed Captioning
  • Scheduling
  • Graphic Support
  • Coaching
  • Growing Library of Resources

Podcast Growth Membership

Get easy-to-implement resources to increase the quality of your show, social media templates to promote your podcast, and an ever-increasing library of tools.

  • Stop wasting time and dollars with “experts” and get time-tested marketing paths to growth.

  • Get templates you can put into action in your next episode to improve your quality of content.

  • Receive the encouragement and insights you need to keep showing up for your audience.

  • Dive into the advice you need to know you’re producing the right content for your audience and not wasting your time.

  • Gain the insights you need to feel confident in your podcast production and paths to growth.

Beyond Podcasting

Digital Advertising

Ready to reach more people with your message? Digital advertising gets your voice in front of the right audience so you can increase your reach and increase conversion rates.

Web Development

Whether you need a home for your podcast or voice online for your brand, we ensure your website reflects your heart and your voice with systems the bring people into your sales funnel. Go beyond design and into strategy.