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Podcast Growth Membership

$25.00 / month with a 10-day free trial

The Podcast Growth Membership helps transformational and social good podcasters launch, sustain, promote, and monetize their podcast with easy-to-implement tools and templates.



The Podcast Growth Membership helps transformational and social good podcasters launch, sustain, promote, and monetize their podcast with easy-to-implement tools and templates.

Overcome Challenges That Cause Podcasts To Fail

  • Finding a Niche: Refine a topic that you are passionate about and has an existing audience! Get the necessary tools to research your niche and understand its market demand. 
  • Creating Quality Content: Create engaging and informative content that keeps your audience coming back. Plan your episodes and have a clear structure to keep your content on track.
  • Technical Issues: Overcome technical issues such as equipment failure or poor sound quality. Invest in quality equipment and learn how to get great audio to avoid these issues.
  • Building an Audience: Grow your audience in a crowded market. Create a strategy for promoting your podcast and engaging with your listeners.
  • Consistency: Consistently produce new episodes even with a busy schedule. Get tools to create a realistic schedule and to keep your audience engaged.
  • Monetization: Monetize your podcast, even as a new podcaster. Get a strategy for generating revenue through sponsorships, merchandise, or other means

Ready to grow your podcast?

  • Stop wasting time and dollars with “experts” and get time-tested marketing paths to growth.

  • Get templates you can put into action in your next episode to improve your quality of content.

  • Receive the encouragement and insights you need to keep showing up for your audience.

  • Dive into the advice you need to know you’re producing the right content for your audience and not wasting your time.

  • Gain the insights you need to feel confident in your podcast production and paths to growth.

Why We Created The Membership

After launching 200 shows and helping many hosts, we’ve heard a lot of questionable advice and seen many tools implemented by hosts that ultimately slowed them down. So, we put together all the tools we offer our consulting clients and give them to hosts in a simple monthly membership. Our library grows every month, so hosts continually get the best advice and tools to increase the quality and creativity of their shows.

Solo Episode & Interview Planning Tools + Templates

  • 52 Episode Idea
  • Episode Format That Will Make Your Content Shine
  • Show Notes Templates + SEO Show Notes
  • Unique Intro Templates for Solo Episodes
  • Unique Intro Templates for Interviews
  • Podcast Guest Pre + Post Interview Email Templates
  • Pre-Roll Verbal Trauma Disclaimers for Episode Discussing Trauma
  • New templates added every month

Episode Promotion Tools + Templates for Social Media, Email, and Ads

  • 113 Canva Templates To Promote Episodes
  • Social Media Post Copy Templates
  • REELs Template + Challenge
  • Host Press Kit Template
  • Podcast Media Kit Template
  • New templates added every month

Office Hours

Join our office hours every month to get strategic answers to questions about marketing, tech, episode creation, strategy, content planning and more!

Hollyfield Consulting has launched over 200 podcasts. Expert knowledge and experience in online marketing, audio/video production, and messaging are what we use to help our members STRATEGICALLY build a podcast platform that connects with the hearts and minds of their ideal audiences. All membership tools, posts, ebooks, and videos are built from experience.

3 reviews for Podcast Growth Membership

  1. User1xA2

    We significantly increased our presence on-line and we expressed our fun, quirkiness, and other cultural aspects of our business. We actually did marketing.

  2. User8B6T

    I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.

  3. User97Bg7

    My work capacity has been enlarged, and I am able to connect my own business with other leaders around the globe.

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