Maximize Your Reach: Easy-to-Implement Social Media Strategies for Thought-Leaders

Overwhelmed by Social Media?

  • Are you uncertain about what content to post, when to post it, and which platforms to focus on?

  • Does it feel like you’re wasting time on ineffective activities and feeling overwhelmed by the demands of maintaining an active social media presence?

  • Are you struggling to attract and engage followers, leading to low interaction rates and reduced visibility?

  • Do you feel like your content isn’t keeping up with the Joneses because it’s not high-quality, or consistent?

  • Are you struggling to gauge success and make improvements?

  • Are you having difficulty growing your audience and reaching potential customers due to a scattergun approach?

  • Are you struggling to capitalize on current trends and timely opportunities to connect with their audience?

  • Are you tired of trying to manage everything alone without a structured plan, leading to inconsistent posting or complete abandonment of social media efforts?

Create and Connect with Confidence

One-On-One Support

Get a personal social media strategy from Samantha along with all the tools and systems you need to get it implemented. Through one one one strategy Zooms you’ll refine your target audience, elevate your profile, practice creating content that connects, practice using templates for the writing engaging copy, walk through tools together, and more.

The Solution

Refine Your Target Audience + Platforms

We can’t be all things to all people in life or in marketing. By refining your target audience and understanding who you are talking to down to their demographics and struggles you can more easily create content that makes an impact.

Optimize Social Profiles

A weak social media profile is an easy way to lose people that needs your message. I’m not just talking about creating flashy posts. Do people know when you post that it’s you right away? When they go to your profile do they understand what step to take next if they want more?

Social Media Strategy for Thought-Leaders

Social media can be scary, but you don’t need to make up dances or know every single trend to show up with excellence. Get a social strategy crafted specifically for thought-leaders so you can show up in every post with confidence and authenticity.

Tools You Need Scheduling, Creating, and Planning

Half the battle on social media is showing up consistently. The right tools and systems make this easier. Get seasoned advice on how to show up well and often so you can make an impact.

Tactics for Platform Growth

Are you trying to jump on every trend and not seeing results? Are you intimated to try to new things? Get a marketing strategy geared for platform growth without having to jump on trends that don’t make sense for your brand.

Social Media Posting Schedule

Are you wondering how often to post and when? Do you want to know if it’s different by platform? Implement a social media schedule that works for you and your message so you can see long-term growth.

Templates for Copy + Calls to Action

Implementing a social strategy can feel extremely overwhelming. Use pre-crafted templates for what to say, how to say it, and what you audience needs to do next to get more without sounding salesy, desperate, or pushy.

Templates for Posts, Reels, Shorts

Use precrafted templates for imagery, Reels, Shorts, and TikToks that all can be crafted to match your brand aesthetic and voice. Take visual creativity off your plate. You don’t need to be a designer to show with something excellent.

Understanding Analytics

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall or chasing vanity metrics. Understand what analytics truly matter to brand growth on social media.

Hi! I’m Samantha.

We’ll skip the small talk and jump right in. I’m an MBA and marketing consultant.

I’ve helped businesses in home health care, out-of-home media, print advertising, international media and publishing, commercial and residential cleaning, commercial and residential roofing, executive coaching, online education, international ministry, self-publishing, solar solutions, and more bring their marketing goals to fruition.

My experience in target audience development, market research, copywriting, social media management, web development, graphic design, digital adverting, email marketing, along with B2B and B2C marketing strategies, give me the bird’s eye perspective YOU need to craft the right messaging for the right audience across marketing channels.

Amplify Your Message with Confidence

  • Keep your mission and values are consistently communicated across all platforms. Show up on social in a way that aligns with your values. You don’t have to dance on TikTok to get reach.

  • Deliver clear, focused messages that resonate with the target audience so you know every post makes an impact.

  • Identify and target specific demographics who are likely to support and engage with the cause. And then use this info to choose the most effective platforms where the target audience is most active.

  • Get templates and ideas for content that foster community interaction, such as polls, Q&A sessions, and live events. Plus get steps on HOW to do this in your social apps or scheduling tools.

  • Get the tools, templates, and systems so you can plan and scheduling content in advance, ensuring a steady flow of posts without overwhelming yourself. In other words, SAVE TIME.

  • Discover how to identify opportunities for partnerships with influencers and other organizations that can help amplify the message.

  • Increases the chances of content going viral through strategic use of trends and timely posts.

  • Get clear, measurable goals for social media efforts, providing benchmarks for success. And learn to use analytics like a digital marketer and strategist.

  • Learn how to leverage storytelling to create an emotional connection with the audience, making the cause more relatable and compelling.

  • Stay ahead of social media trends and adapts strategies to leverage new features and tools for greater impact.

What people are saying:

I just have to say, Samantha has demonstrated extraordinary initiative and a true caring for my company and it’s brand.  I was late on getting creative into the Tulsa People magazine for the A-List edition, so I sacrificed quality to meet the deadline, utilizing the Tulsa People art department. Samantha, found out about what was sent, whipped up 2 exceptional pieces, contacted the art/publication director at Tulsa People and got her fine piece submitted so it will be included in the publication – after the deadline.  This is the kind of exceptionalism that wins long-term loyalty of customers in this highly competitive marketing arena.  I am truly grateful.  I only write one or two of these kinds of missives a year for those people who deserve noteworthy praise. Samantha gets a 10 rating (on a 0 to 5 scale)!

Greg Ford , Former CEO of MaidPro Heartland

Samantha is a HUGE asset to our company. We depend on her for so much of what we do with our clients. Not only is she quick but she is also effective. She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. We are thankful at Charisma to have her working with us! If you need something done with excellence just ask Samantha!

Nick Beecher , Brands That Last

Samantha answered all of our marketing questions and concerns wonderfully during our 4-hour marketing workshop. She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about. She was able to give us pros and cons on different strategies, as well as educating us on what was the best marketing plans to better suit our area. Whether you are a small business that’s just starting out or a business that’s been around for 20 years, Hollyfield Consulting is the upgrade you need to succeed.

Seanacie Reyna , Seanacie Creative

Everything for me was very scattered. Making it difficult for me to check on things or to see what I needed. I also liked the experience to know what kind of things needed to be on my website. After speaking with Samantha it was made very clear all that I was missing and what they could help me do.

We significantly increased our presence on-line and we expressed our fun, quirkiness, and other cultural aspects of our business. We actually did marketing.

I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.

My work capacity has been enlarged, and I am able to connect my own business with other leaders around the globe.

Amplify Your Digital Thought-Leadership