Strategic Podcast Launch

The support you need to launch a podcast that changes hearts on minds! Get a strategy that allows you to launch confidently, a home studio crafted to your needs, the tools you need for ongoing episode creation, and a team that believes in your message. Our personalized support is backed by over 200 podcast launches, marketing strategy, and a heart for social-good.

Everything you get:


Understand the role of your podcast within your marketing plan and gain a unique strategy for your overall show and individual episodes so you can launch with success.

Home Studio Setup

Get a custom setup that allows you to record and create with ease. You’ll launch with a home studio based on your needs that allows you to record high-quality audio and video necessary for credibility.

Podcast Launch

Go live on all podcast platforms with a trailer, graphics, and promotion tools.


Tools and templates that allow you to create new, on-purpose episodes every week. Get setup for ongoing success!

All hosts get access to our growing library of podcast resources.


Avoid false starts or starting backward! Macrostrategy gives you an understanding of WHO your show is targeting and HOW to position yourself to compete effectively in the industry.

Strategy Intensive

  • Ideal Listener Development
  • Determine Show Type
  • Create Content North Star (Brand Promise)
  • Assess Competitive Landscape + Your Advantage
  • Show Name Development From Marketer & Copywriter
  • Show Description From A Copywriter

Home-Studio Setup

Launch with great audio and confidence recording. From tech recommendations to training, hosts get everything they need to launch strong.

Setup + Training

  • Home Studio Coaching For Audio & Video
  • Equipment Recommendations Based On Your Unique Needs
  • Equipment Setup Training
  • Equipment Recording Training

Podcast Launch

Go live on every podcast app with solid branding, a trailer crafted for your target audience, and a clear understanding of your hosting platform.

Copywriting Strategy Intensive

  • We will help craft the trailer, choose show music, write the show description, create the show graphic, and get the show live on all podcast platforms.
  • Music selection
  • Trailer coaching & copywriting revisions
  • Trailer edit + music
  • Canned Intro/Outro coaching & copywriting revisions
  • Canned Intro/Outro edit + music
  • Unique intro coaching + templates


Receive the tools, templates, and strategy you need to create new episodes easily. You’ll also receive a guest avatar that allows you to only bring on guests that will reward your audience and enhance your message.

Strategy Intensive

  • Plan episode format
  • Discuss episode strategy for your marketing funnel
  • Guest avatar and checklist
  • Content calendar + 52 episode ideas
  • Bonus implementation strategy call
  • Cover how to implement the first month of EPs

Bonus Goodies

  • Bonus Floating Follow Up Call that can be used within first 60 days
  • Access to our growing Podcast Library filled templates and tools for ongoing production
  • Show Notes That Convert Guide
  • Unique Intro Planning Guides
  • Solo Episode Planning Guide
  • Interview Planning Guide
  • Promotional Photo Guide

$3,500 One Time Fee

For ongoing support see service options below.

“I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.”

“Personal contact and the careful, thoughtful transmission of our company, it’s culture, and brand. Others just slapped together things they grabbed from their experience and our existing marketing collateral.”

“My work capacity has been enlarged, and I am able to connect my own business with other leaders around the globe.”

“The Hollyfields are very caring, patient and personable. They were able to easily capture our vision and present it with excellence.”

“Samantha is very personable. She asked a lot of questions and wanted to truly get to know what was in my mind and heart as far as what the message is I need and what I want to accomplish. She’s easy to work with and to understand and communication has been very simple. She’s done all the hard work while I simply answer her questions.”

Are you energized to share your message and change hearts? 

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