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The Podcast Growth Membership helps transformational and social good podcasters launch, sustain, promote, and monetize their podcast with easy-to-implement tools and templates.

Terms: 10 Days for free then $25 / Month

Want to know how to launch your podcast faster with more confidence? Get guidance right now!

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This free checklist and guide will show you step-by-step the strategies, tech, and skills you need to create a podcast show that attracts your perfect audience and inspires them to join your mission to change the world.

Do you have a powerful message that can change hearts and minds but need help taking it to the next level?

That’s where we come in. Our bread and butter are helping social-good entrepreneurs and thought-leaders create podcasts that propel positive change in the world.


Get the strategy, tech, and tools you need to launch your podcast with confidence.

Skip the Google search overwhelm!

There is A LOT of advice from “gurus” out there. Skip right over the overwhelm, contradictory advice, and confusion. Launch with confidence so you can focus on your message instead of information overload.


Avoid creator burnout. Create systems for ongoing success.

Don't Fail Due To Burnout

Systems help creators prevent burnout and stick to strategies that yield long-term success. Creating deep content every week takes energy and drive. The right systems become the difference between a podcast the fizzles out in a year and one that creates a movement.


Implement strategies that will ACTUALLY grow your show instead of waisting time.

Stop Waisting Money On The WRONG Tactics

Spend time and money on the right promotional activities that make a difference in growing your show in the short and long-term. Get marketing strategy from a long-time digital marketer and podcast network consultant that you can implement even as a solo creator.


Implement a monetization strategy that makes sense for your unique message.

Build The Right Foundation For Growth

There are many different ways to monetize but one way will make the most sense for your unique message and show. Don’t waist time on the wrong activities and avoid cookie-cutter advice from “gurus” with no marketing strategy background.

Something has to change if you’re going to create change!

Your great ideas collect dust while you stay stuck and overwhelmed by all that’s involved with launching, promoting, and monetizing your podcast. 

Are you an idealistic social entrepreneur or thought-leader? Do you want to create a business, organization, or movement that makes a powerful difference in the world? Do you know that to make that happen, but need to get out there and inspire people with your unique message and vision for change? Are you stuck in your podcast launch or figuring out how to promote, sustain, and monetize your existing show?

We get it, and we’re here to help!

Overcome Podcaster Challenges That Cause Creators to Quit

Finding a Niche

Refine a topic that you are passionate about and has an existing audience! Get the necessary tools to research your niche and understand its market demand. 

Creating Quality Content

Create engaging and informative content that keeps your audience coming back. Plan your episodes and have a clear structure to keep your content on track.

Technical Issues

Overcome technical issues such as equipment failure or poor sound quality. Invest in quality equipment and learn how to get great audio to avoid these issues.

Building an Audience

Grow your audience in a crowded market. Create a strategy for promoting your podcast and engaging with your listeners.


Consistently produce new episodes even with a busy schedule. Get tools to create a realistic schedule and to keep your audience engaged.


Monetize your podcast, even as a new podcaster. Get a strategy for generating revenue through sponsorships, merchandise, or other means.

Podcast Growth Membership

The Podcast Growth Membership is a one-stop shop for the strategic insight and easy-to-implement tools you need to grow your podcast. Get a personal marketing strategist who will help you improve the quality of your show, create episodes that resonate with listeners, promote episodes with ease, increase your social presence, get paths to monetization, and avoid the challenges that lead to podcast failure. The world needs your voice! Get what you need to build an audience and a movement.

Terms: 10 Days for free then $25 / Month

Create, promote, and monetize your show with confidence!

Stop wasting time and dollars with “experts” and get time-tested marketing paths to growth.

Get templates you can put into action in your next episode to improve your quality of content.

Receive the encouragement and insights you need to keep showing up for your audience.

Dive into the advice you need to know you’re producing the right content for your audience and not wasting your time.

Gain the insights you need to feel confident in your podcast production and paths to growth.

Why we created the membership:

Hi! We’re Nathan and Samantha Hollyfield. We create powerful podcast platforms for social good entrepreneurs and their world-changing ideas. Simply put, we help design and produce podcast shows that showcase the change you want to see in your listeners and the world. Expert knowledge and experience in online marketing, audio/video production, and messaging are what we use to help our clients STRATEGICALLY build a podcast platform that connects with the hearts and minds of their ideal audiences. Nothing makes us happier when our clients gain the confidence and clarity to achieve their mission and develop stronger relationships with the people they serve using the strength of their great ideas.

That’s why, after launching 200 shows and helping many hosts, we created the Podcast Growth Membership. We know that hosts hear a lot of questionable advice and implement tools that ultimately slow them down. So, we put together all the tools we offer our consulting clients and networks so we can give them to hosts in a simple monthly membership. Our library grows every month, so hosts just like you continually get the best advice and tools to increase the quality and creativity of their shows.

I feel I have regained control back over the message I’m sending out am I ability to interact with my followers. Knowing everything is all in one place is much less stressful and helpful in moving forward and growth.

I gained personal confidence as a result of working with Samantha as she educated me and gave me the resources I needed to feel knowledgeable.

She’s very educated and knows exactly what she is talking about!

Terms: 10 Days for free then $25 / Month

You deserve a partner offering personalized support and marketing-driven solutions.

Great Tech = Credibility

Get tech guidance for audio, video, and a travel setup.

Skip setup headaches.

Launch right or improve your tech so you can improve your credibility. The right tech elevates your message so you look and sound as professional as your message.

Better Episodes = Greater Growth

Get episode-planning tools so you improve the quality of your episodes, while also preventing creator burnout.

Get Better Over Time

So much of podcasting is about improving over time. When you consistently create better episodes, you are more likely to build your tribe and monetize.

Better Promotion = Greater Reach

Get tools and templates that make promoting your podcast easier!

Stop Waisting Time on The Wrong Promo Tactics

It’s too easy to get lost in promotional tactics that never move the needle. Get an understanding of what will grow your podcast and the tools to do it.

Monetization Foundation = Real ROI

Ditch overpromised solutions that fall flat and take the right steps toward monetization.

Monetize That Makes Sense

Too many “gurus” promise podcasters easy monetization tactics instead of helping them understand what it really takes to be successful. Get the tools to monetize in a way that makes the most sense for your unique message.

Quick Podcast Insights

Podcast Growth Membership

Gain the support and confidence you need to create with ease. Our carefully curated library gives you quick answers, templates, and strategies to grow your podcast.

Terms: 10 Days for free then $25 / Month

Beyond The Membership

One-On-One Podcast Launch

Personalized marketing and tech support that walks you through strategy, tech setup, and launch.

Get Personalized Support

Understand the role of your podcast within your marketing plan and gain a unique strategy for your overall show and individual episodes so you can launch with success. We will help you create your home studio based on your needs so you can record with high-quality audio that is necessary for credibility. You will also reduce costs associated with false starts and reduce the time to launch. As a result, you will launch with a plan to increase your brand and personal authority within your industry.

Podcast Audio + Video Editing

Editing with strategy in mind gives you peace of mind that the RIGHT editing happens for your pod.

Take Editing Off Your Plate

Understand the role of your podcast within your marketing plan and gain a unique strategy for your overall show and individual episodes so you can launch with success. We will help you create your home studio based on your needs so you can record with high-quality audio that is necessary for credibility. You will also reduce costs associated with false starts and reduce the time to launch. As a result, you will launch with a plan to increase your brand and personal authority within your industry.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads should HAVE RESULTS. Get the strategy and reach you need to capture hearts and minds.

Promote Your Brand or Podcast

Ready to reach more people with your message? Digital advertising gets your voice in front of the right audience so you can increase your reach and increase conversion rates.

Learn more

Web Development

Don't just get a website, get a strategy to move people through your funnel.

Your Website Should Convert

Whether you need a home for your podcast or voice online for your brand, we ensure your website reflects your heart and your voice with systems that bring people into your sales funnel. Go beyond design and into strategy.

Learn more.