No one has time to read anymore. 

It is no surprise that we have seen a surge in the use of audiobooks, video, and podcasts. Audio-based tech is easy to consume while on the move.

Brands are increasingly gravitating toward podcasts to reach their target audience while they commute, work, exercise, cook, and travel.

Podcasting allows brands to integrate into consumer lifestyles to establish authority in their industry.

“Podcasting is a proven technology that is still in its infancy. It’s an open mic, a chance for people with something to say to find a few people (or perhaps more than a few people) who’d like to hear them say it.” 

Seth Godin, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, & Speaker

Marketers often use blogs to connect with target audience lifestyles and drive users to websites.

While blogs have not lost their relevance, podcasts are producing stronger results for those very same goals!  

Even technology novices are seeing strong conversions, building brand, and gaining followers by turning to the mic.

A strong message and marketing strategy are key to launching a podcast. It is important to integrate key tools into the podcasting process to propel conversion.

Marketing strategy can be the difference between success or failure, regardless of your message!

Podcasters must create platforms to reach their target audience and encourage downloads, in order to reach a place where advertisers are interested in doing business with the show.

The potential for advertising is another perk to podcasting. While many blogs utilize advertising for revenue, podcasts yield stronger results for advertisers making podcasts another avenue for brands to strongly consider.

Today’s consumers crave authenticity. Podcasting offers a voice in your audience’s ear building trust, authority, and relationship for your brand.