For business owners, the holidays aren’t necessarily the most wonderful time of the year.

There are no holidays for an entrepreneur.

End of the year closing, last-minute sales, and no real time off begin to weigh heavy on business owners this time of year. I know from personal experience. I say this to you as I sit at my desk after already working nearly 60 hours this week and Thursday isn’t over.

Systems are the key to a “stress-less” little Christmas.

In my 60+ hours this week, I haven’t been scrambling to complete last-minute objectives. A robust system had me prepared for the holiday season. I’ve been using my time to invest in my clients and evaluate my processes.

Someone smarter and wiser than me has seared the need for systems into my brain. Over time I’ve seen my systems reap rewards. Systems lessen my stress, help nurture my clients, and allow me to take time off without feeling guilty.

In the New Year, I am evaluating how to make my process more efficient. I look for systems that improve retention, nurture leads, and bring in prospects. Each of these strategies takes massive amounts of time, any system that assists with these processes is HUGE as it will affect my bottom line.

What systems would make the holidays different for you next year?

Right now, is the perfect time to consider what you’d like to change in the New Year. It is the right time to figure out what systems will take you from point A to point B, which is clearly the beach or maybe just the couch.

Don’t waste time on systems that don’t enhance your sales funnel. Too often we are sidetracked by the need for solutions to petty short-term issues.

Stay focused on the prize, systems that support clients, leads, and prospecting.